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2X ApplicationServer


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2X ApplicationServer
2X ThinClientServer

Centrally publish Windows applications and desktops to simplify administration and reduce costs.

With the 2X ApplicationServer XG, organizations can reap the benefits of virtual computing to deliver all your Windows-based applications and desktops to any location from your network.

Rather than manually deploy Windows applications to desktops, increasing demands for administration and support, use the 2X ApplicationServer to manage application and desktop delivery from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource load balancing and complete end-to-end network transparency for administrators.

Users benefit from increased application accessibility and performance, with the same the look and feel as locally-installed applications, regardless of location or device used.

2X ApplicationServer XG Features:

  • Centrally-managed virtual desktops and applications on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and more
  • Same client used to connect to applications and virtual desktops (VDI)
  • Seamless integration with users’ local desktop and taskbar
  • Comprehensive VDI management features, including template support, pooling and more
  • Application and desktop publishing based on username, group, MAC address or IP
  • Centrally-managed and administered applications and desktop updates and user rights
  • Application and desktop publishing to a web portal
  • Automatic suspension of inactive virtual desktops for maximum server efficiency
  • Advanced load balancing and management
  • Thin client connectivity support for HP, Wyse, 2X OS and more
  • Centralized management of 2X SecureClientGateways
  • SSL security and MAC address filtering
  • Bi-directional audio
  • SafeNet and Deepnet two factor authentication
  • Centrally-managed user settings and connectivity
  • Windows Media Player redirection and Enhanced bitmap acceleration
  • Universal printing and scanning for applications and desktops (VDI)
  • Automatic redundancy
  • Single sign-on
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Application licensing management
  • CPU resource management
  • Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 ready with RemoteFX compatibility
  • 64-bit platform support

2X ApplicationServer XG Flyer

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